How to Change Car Air Filter


Air Filter          So you are ready to do your own car maintenance and change your own car air filter. A car air filter requires changing much more frequently than a tune-up because dust and dirt accumulate daily on the filter and reduce the engine’s performance. The more obstructed a car air filter is from dirt, the less air that enters the motor. Use these methods to change your own car’s air filter without having to pay the dealership or a mechanic to do the job for you.

Step 1

Purchase the correct car air filter for your automobile. You can usually ask someone working in an auto parts store to get the correct one for you. If not you can use the air filter lookup books inside the auto parts store that are usually hanging near the air filters.

Step 2

Open the hood of your car.

Step 3

Remove the old car air filter. Each car’s air filter housing is designed differently. Most cars air filters are found under a clippable plastic shroud. Usually the shroud will have four or more clips. If it does not have clips to remove it may have tabs that need to be pressed in with your thumbs before you remove the car’s air filter cover.

Step 4

Once the cover is removed, take out the old air filter. Inspect it to see how much dust and dirt has accumulated on it. Throw this filter out as it cannot be reused. The only car air filters that can be reused are the aftermarket air filters that can be cleaned and re oiled.

Step 5

Install the new car air filter. Make sure you install the new filter in the correct orientation.

Step 6

Reinstall the air filter cover and clip it back into place. Close the hood and start your car. Make sure you don’t hear any new weird noises. You are now done.

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