Choose the Right Car Rims


Chrome car rim          Choosing the right rims for your particular application can be a long and frustrating process. There are many things you must consider when selecting rims all depending upon what you are looking for as well as limitations in your budget and your vehicle. Rims come in many different types from chrome, aluminum, lightweight, steel, one piece, to three piece. The possibilities are almost endless. Follow these steps to match up the type of rim you need with your specific goal in mind.

Step 1

Lightweight rimAre you looking primarily for a race application? Then you will need to find a lightweight rim. The lightest weight rim you can find will increase your car’s acceleration because there is less rotating mass to spin as the tires are accelerated forward. Any extra weight you can lose from your wheels will add to your car’s acceleration. Choose a rim of small diameter and lightweight material such as aluminum if you are looking for speed.

Step 2

Chrome RimsIf you are looking to make a flashy impression, then pimp your ride with chrome rims of large diameter. There are many different styles but the choice of style is personal as it has to do with individual tastes. For example some people like rims that are heavily spoked with not much material to the actual rim itself. Others like rims that are mostly rim and have little hollow space through the rim. In general however chrome rims are the most popular as well as a diameter that is 2 or more inches larger than your car’s stock rim diameter. This means if your car comes with a 16 inch rim stock then you want to go with at least an 18 inch rim.

Step 3

Looking for slightly understated rims that are more aftermarket appearing than stock? You may want to go with a gunmetal color rim or a non chrome polished rim such as a polished aluminum rim. These rims will not be as shiny and flashy as chrome; however they will have more styling cues than your stock rims.

Step 4

Make sure when purchasing rims that you fall within the width specification required by the tires that you are putting the rims on. Each tire can only hold a certain width and diameter of rim. Make sure you don’t order a rim that is mismatched to your tire or you will have to return it.

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