Detail your Car Thoroughly


Car detailing washing           Detailing your car entails doing extra things beyond washing the vehicle to clean and protect it. Detailing your car’s interior can result in a longer lasting interior as well as make your vehicle much more fun to drive. Car detailing is not a difficult procedure and does not require costly chemicals to perform. The process and procedure you follow are more important. Detailing your car will result in a vehicle that is clean, smells nice and you are proud to own and show off. Follow these steps to detail your car on the inside.

Step 1

Wash RimsYou may or may not want to wash and wax the exterior of the vehicle first. If you are more focused on the interior then proceed to step two. Otherwise use a soft sponge and car wash soap to clean the outside of the vehicle after spraying it down with water. Take extra care to sponge down the rims of the car where dirt and brake dust collect. This can be difficult and require a few cycles of sponging and rinsing as the dirt will be caked into the corners of the rims.

Step 2

Use a window cleaner and paper towels to clean the inside and outside of all the windows in the vehicle. Also use the window cleaner on any glass or clear plastic on the inside of the car such as the clear lenses covering your speedometer, gas gauge, voltage gauge etc.

Step 3

Vacuum the floor mats of the car, seats, and all crevices where dust, dirt and crumbs have accumulated. This includes detailing underneath your car seats as well.

Step 4

Clean vehicle floor matsUse a rug and carpet shampoo foam to clean the floor mats as well as any other soiled part of the carpet floor of the vehicle. Use a soft cloth to rub the foam into the soiled carpet with circular motions until the stain has been removed. After the stain is removed use a clean cloth to wipe off any residual cleaning product.

Step 5

Apply a leather and vinyl protectant to your dashboard, leather seats, or any other hard plastic areas on the inside of your car. These protectants usually add shine to your interior and protect the leather and vinyl from cracking and baking under the sun.

Additional Advice

                   Keep the doors of the car open when you are detailing it to keep the chemical smells aired out.

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