How to Install Dynamat in your Car


Dynamat sound deadening material          Dynamat is a type of sound deadening material that is used in automotive applications. It is typically used to reduce road noise within a vehicle that contributes to the annoying noise inside the cabin. Dynamat also has the effect of increasing bass response within the car from the vehicle’s sound system. This occurs when the low frequency bass waves from subwoofers and speakers bounce off the Dynamat material back into the cabin instead of getting absorbed into the chassis of the car. Follow these steps to improve the sound quality inside your car and reduce road noise.

Step 1

Dynamat installation in door panelRemove the inside door panels in your car in preparation for the Dynamat install. Using Dynamat on the door panels has the greatest effect at reducing road noise. It will deaden the vibration caused by the rattling panels. Also at this time remove the seats and carpet of the vehicle if you are also planning on using Dynamat on the floor of the car.

Step 2

Cut the Dynamat into strips in order to work around the speakers in your side doors. Cut the dynamat into the shapes needed to cover all the metal on your doors and floor of the car.

Step 3

Dynamat installationTake the Dynamat strips and press them down rubber side down onto the metal. Press firmly with your hands and palms. Move onto another section then come back to the previous section and press down any sections that may have air bubbles underneath them and are sticking out.

Step 4

Use the roller tool that is sold with the Dynamat sound deadening material. Roll the tool all along the Dynamat in your car applying firm pressure as you move across. The roller will finish applying the material to the inside of your car.

Step 5

Reinstall the carpet floor, seats, and side door panels of your vehicle. Make sure every screw and bolt is accounted for. Enjoy your new quieter ride!

Additional Advice

                   Make sure the temperature is above 40 degrees when applying the Dynamat. The colder the temperature the more difficult it will be for the rubber to adhere to the metal of the car.

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