How to Pimp my Ride


Pimp ride          So you want to pimp my ride. A pimp ride is loosely defined as a nice car that is customized in any number of ways. These may include expensive large rims, aftermarket exhaust, high flow air filters, modded suspension, tint etc. Pimp rides are cool and set your car apart from all other similar models. Some methods of pimping my ride are expensive while others are not. Follow these steps to pimp my ride and the envy of all your friends.

Step 1

Aftermarket chrome rimsOne of the first steps to a pimp ride is getting aftermarket rims. Replace your stock rims with rims that are chrome or some other nice showy material. Make sure the diameter of the new rims is much larger than the stock wheels. For example you can upgrade from 16 inch rims to 18’s or 20’s if your car can fit them. Make sure to always keep your new rims cleaned and shiny to show off your pimp ride.

Step 2

Get a nice sounding aftermarket exhaust. Fancy aftermarket exhausts have a nice growl to them and let people know when you are coming. Every pimp ride has some form of nice exhaust.

Step 3

Tint your ride. All pimped out cars have some form of tinted windows. Make sure the tint you put on your pimp ride is within the legal tinting law limits of the state you reside in.

Step 4

Add lowering springs to your ride. Lowering springs stiffen your car’s suspension for a better handling ride. They also lower the center of gravity of the car and reduce wheel gap. Wheel gap is the distance between the top of your tires and where the body of the car begins. A lowered car is definitely a pimp ride.

Step 5

Add a nice aftermarket sound system to your car including amps and subwoofers. For a ride to be truly considered pimp it must have a sweet sound system. Many times the subwoofers are put in the trunk of the car to pimp it out. Also get a nice aftermarket audio deck to replace your factory CD deck. Aftermarket audio decks are much better quality than stock car decks.

Step 6

Finish your pimp ride by doing interior mods such as racing seats or upgrades to your gauges.

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