Dust Mite Mattress Cover


          Mattress covers for dust mites are also sometimes referred to as allergy covers. Allergy mattress covers come in a wide variety of materials and sizes. Mattress covers are an essential defense against house dust mites. They provide a protective barrier between your body and the mattress where the dust mites are breeding. No mites can come out of or go into the mattress when it is sealed with a dust mite or allergy cover of the proper micron size. Follow the steps below to buy a mattress cover for dust mites.

Step 1

Determine which material allergy cover you want to purchase. Since dust mite covers are made of different materials there are options when purchasing a mite cover. For example there are 100% cotton allergy covers that are somewhat breathable. There are 50% cotton 50% polyester fibers, and there are 100% polyester covers. In addition there are dust mite covers made of proprietary materials. The unnatural fibers tend to be more uncomfortable because they are not as soft and also they are not as breathable. This means they do not let much air through so you will get hot sleeping on one. The pure cotton mattresses are usually more breathable unless they are woven super tightly.

Step 2

Choose an allergy cover of significantly small pore size preferably less than 5 microns. The smaller the pore size on the dust mite cover the less insects and odors will get through. This will protect you from anything living on the top of your mattress.

Step 3

Make sure your dust mite mattress cover is sized right for your bed application. Dust mite covers have to be sized perfectly because they need to zip up to completely seal your mattress in order to trap dust mites. Usually allergy covers come in the standard sizes of twin, queen, king, etc however many are sized via their pure dimensions so you may actually have to measure the length and width of your mattress and the height. When in doubt call the customer service number of the company you are purchasing the dust might cover from and ask for clarification on whether or not you are purchasing the correct size.

Step 4

When you first get your mattress cover in be sure to wash it once or twice according to the instructions in order to soften the material. Otherwise it will be extremely uncomfortable to sleep on it. If the dust mite cover is a 100% cotton blend then you should wash it once every 6 months but not much more often than that. Also you should not use bleach on it. Bleach may ruin the fibers of the material and create micro tears in it.

Step 5

Be sure to put a regular mattress cover over your dust mite cover to sleep on. It is not recommended to sleep directly on the mattress cover since you will only be washing it once every 6 months or so.

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