Get Termite Inspection


          Termites are very detrimental insects similar to ants, bees and wasps in the way that they form colonies and distribute their work load. Termites cause major damage to structures of the home made of wood such as the home exterior. Termite colonies can have thousands or tens of thousands of members. So once termites get out of control in your home they can do some serious damage. Follow the steps below to rid termites from your home.

Step 1

Recognize that there is a problem. Check once every few months for any termite damage. Inspect window sills, exteriors of your house and any areas on your house where there is wood. Termites can even damage wood underneath your floors. You may not notice there is a problem until you physically see wood damage to the outside of your house or other structures. You may hear a lot of creaking from damage to the wood support beams of your house.

Step 2

You may or may not be able to detect the termites yourself. Usually most people detect termites after it is too late and they have already done some serious damage to your house. The best way to start is to have a termite inspection done when you first purchase a house. That way you can be sure that you are starting fresh with no termites. Periodic inspections afterward according to a schedule you determine with your termite exterminator are recommended.

Step 3

If you determine you have termites, hire a termite exterminator by searching for one online. Or you can go to your local pest control services store and ask them if they offer termite extermination. Have the exterminator do a full spray for termites. Termite exterminators may spray chemicals to kill the termites or lay down powders or chemical barriers to keep the worker termites from coming close to the exterior wood of the house much like a force field.

Step 4

Coating wood with sodium borate is a common method used to kill termites. Sodium borate or just plain borate is a chemical usually in powder form that can incapacitate most termites. Your local pest control store may be able to sell you some of this product.

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