How to Clean Contacts


Soft Contact Lenses          Contact lenses are the eyeglass wearer’s dream. They eliminate the need for wearing unsightly glasses. They also improve peripheral vision as compared to wearing eyeglasses because the contact covers the eye completely around the edge. Contact lenses have advanced greatly over the years from hard, difficult to wear lenses to soft hydrophilic contact lenses. Soft contact lenses are so comfortable today that you do not even know that you are wearing them. They come in many different styles such as oxygen permeable, and are made of combinations of different materials. Follow the steps below to learn how to clean your soft contact lens.

Step 1

Contact Lens SolutionPurchase a quality contact lens cleaning solution. In addition to your solution purchase a bottle of sterile contact lens saline solution with a contact case. You will be using the saline solution in the contact lens wearing process.

Step 2

Remove your first contact lens by lightly pinching your index finger and your thumb on the contact lens surface.

Step 3

Put the contact in your left open palm concave side facing upward.

Step 4

Drop several drops of the contact lens cleaning solution onto the contact lens. Using your right hand index finger rub the contact lens in small circular motions to thoroughly rub the lens solution into the contact and break up any debris on its surface.

Step 5

Turn the contact over onto the other side. Repeat step 4 above on the opposite side of the contact lens.

Step 6

Using your saline solution rinse the contact lens to remove any debris that was released from the cleaning process.

Step 7

Place the newly cleaned contact into its lens case slot and fill it with cleaning solution to soak overnight.

Step 8

Repeat steps 2 through 7 with the other contact lens in your other eye.

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