How to Clean your Computer


Clean Computer          Does your computer seem to operate slower than it used to? If so part of the problem could be excessive temperatures inside the computer case that are slowing down processor ability because of the amount of dust covering all the components. You should make it a habit to occasionally remove the dust from the inside of your computer to free up lost power. Follow these steps to safely clean the inside of your computer and remove dust.

Step 1

Shut off the computer. Switch off the power supply. Remover the power supply cable from the back of the computer power supply. This is to prevent you from accidentally turning the power on while you are working on the inside of the computer.

Step 2

Ground your body to remove any static electricity by touching a something grounded. Move the computer to an area where it will be easy to remove the cover and have access to the inside.

Step 3

Remove the screws holding the cover in place if it has any and remove the cover. Now that you have the cover off inspect the inside and see how much dust is covering your components.

Step 4

Use a compressed air blow gun can to thoroughly spray the inside of the computer to dislodge all the dust from the inside of the case and the processor, motherboard etc. As you blow the dust off it will fly out of the case and all around you as well as on the floor next to the computer. You will need to have a vacuum handy to clean up the excess dust that falls on the floor.

Step 5

Take your blow gun and blow it through the power supply from both ends of the power supply several times to dislodge and remove the dust within the power supply. This is an often overlooked step that many people forget to do. Because the fan slots are relatively small it will take some time to remove most of the dust from the power supply.

Step 6

Reinstall the computer cover and reconnect all wires to the unit and power supply.


Additional Advice

                   There may be a lot of computer dust generated with this process. If you are allergic to dust it is recommended that you wear a protective mask while cleaning your computer.

                   Clean the inside of your computer often to keep it running efficiently.

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