Kill Bed Bugs Extermination


          Bed bugs are very pesky insects that cause a lot of aggravation for human beings. Bed bugs sleep during the day in dark secluded places such as the corners of carpets or windowsills or in mattresses. During the night they wake up to feed. Bed bugs will crawl into your bed at night while you are sleeping and bite you. Many people are allergic to their bites and will get little itchy welts that may resemble pimples or other bug bites. These spots will itch a lot every day for maybe up to a few weeks. You may receive more and more bites each night you sleep if you have a bedbug infestation. Thus bed bugs extermination is the best route to kill bed bugs. Follow the steps below to get bed bugs extermination for your bedroom.

Step 1

It can be hard to know if you have bed bugs but one sure sign is repeated bites on your legs that are extremely itchy and grow in number every night. You may want to start by inspecting your bedroom to see if you have bedbugs. Take a flashlight during the day. The best time to inspect for bed bugs is when they are sleeping and laying still during the day. Look on crevices of windowsills, corners of rooms in the carpet edges with the flashlight. A bed bug will have a distinctive reddish shell with or without randomly placed black spots on it under close inspection. You will also want a magnifying glass as well to see them more clearly. Also take your mattress cover off and check the top of your mattress within the threads with a magnifying glass. You may see several or even dozens of bed bugs.

Step 2

If you cannot confirm bedbugs as the cause of your bites yourself directly then you can proceed to the next step however if you cannot the best method is to call a bed bug exterminator to come to your house and inspect your bedroom for bedbugs. Bed bug exterminator will come and physically inspect your bedroom for bedbugs. If they cannot find any bed bugs they can install a bed bug monitor in your home that will alert to any bedbugs present.

Step 3

You can try to exterminate bed bugs on your own before hiring a bed bug exterminator. However the only sure fire way to get them all eliminated is to hire a bed bug exterminator. First use a HEPA vacuum to vacuum all your carpets and mattresses including all the crevices you see. You can get most of the bed bugs this way.

Step 4

Wash all your clothing, bedding, and linens in the hottest water possible. This will kill the bed bugs.

Step 5

Hepa Vacuum under bedFind a bed bugs exterminator either online or through the yellow pages. Call and ask for a bed bugs extermination. The bed bug exterminator will most likely come to your home and use a chemical to get the bed bugs to come out into the carpet. They may then steam clean your carpet to kill the bed bugs.

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