Kill Dust Mites


          Dust mites are small, less than half a millimeter in length, members of the arachnid family of animals. They are so small that they cannot normally be seen with the naked eye. You would need a magnifying glass to positively identify them. Unfortunately dust mites are naturally found everywhere. They are common on mattresses, pillows, carpets, and dust within the home. Dust mites like to feed on dead human or animal tissue in the form of skin flakes and pet dander. This is why they are so prevalent in the home because humans shed a lot of dead skin cells on a daily basis. It is very important to minimize or reduce dust mites in the home because many people are allergic to the enzymes in the dust mite feces that irritate the lungs and sinuses when they are inhaled. The steps below are ways to get rid of or kill dust mites in the home.

Step 1

HEPA Vacuum FilterVacuum the home frequently with a HEPA filter vacuum. Only a HEPA filter vacuum has the filtration ability to effectively remove dust mites so that they do not make their way back into the carpet. Vacuum all carpeted areas in the home once per week. Also vacuum the top of your mattress. It is very important to vacuum the top of your mattress because dust mites love to live in the top layer of your mattress.

Step 2

Buy allergy proof dust mite covers for your mattresses and pillows. Dust mite pillow covers are relatively cheap and are woven so tightly that dust mites cannot move out of the cover when they are zipped up. This will eventually kill off the dust mites because they will not have any more food from human flakes entering their home. Also the feces will not rise out of the dust mite cover and enter your lungs while you are sleeping. The dust might mattress covers zip up around your entire mattress including both the top and bottom sections of the mattress. This will prevent the mattress from accumulating dust mites over the years. Be sure to wash your dust mite mattress cover at least once every six months in hot water. A regular mattress cover goes on top of the dust mite mattress cover just as you normally would cover your bed.

Step 3

Wash all linens, pillow cases, and laundry on the highest heat water setting possible to kill any dust mites. Wash everything thoroughly and very often to ensure that all dust mites are killed. It is best to wash all bed laundry and coverings once per week. However dust mite pillow covers and dust mite mattress covers should only be washed once every few months or so. There are two reasons behind this. One is that you will have a regular pillow and mattress cover above these covers anyway. Second is that the cotton fibers are woven so tightly that too frequent washing might disrupt the fibers and open up the fabric which may allow dust mites through.

Step 4

Dehumidifier to kill dust mitesInstall a dehumidifier in your bedroom. A dehumidifier will remove moisture from the air and dry out the room. Dust mites need moisture in the air to survive because that is how they get their water. Since they do not drink water straight, their bodies are actually designed to absorb water from the air. So if the air is dry and lacks moisture then the mites will essentially not get any water into their bodies and dry up and die. The lower you keep the humidity in the bedroom all day long the better. Typically a relative humidity of less than 50% is sufficient to reduce and kill the population of dust mites after a while. The lower the humidity in the room the better. However try to keep the humidity levels not less than 20% because if the air is too dry in your room it might dry out your sinuses and lungs while you sleep and you may wake up with a dry throat.

Step 5

Hepa Vacuum under bedRemove all dust from your home and furniture frequently. Dust off all furniture bed frames, bed posts, tables and couches. Since dust mites live in dust, simply removing the dust from your home can greatly reduce the population of dust mites.

Step 6

If all of these steps are not enough to kill dust mites, you can purchase disodium octaborate tetrahydrate powder which is used to kill dust mites.

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