How to Remove Discoloration and Stains from Kitchen Sink


Remove Discoloration from Sink          Kitchen cleaning can be an unpopular chore. Kitchen sinks are often neglected during kitchen cleanings because it is assumed that they are clean since water is constantly running over them. This is not true however as bacteria can still harbor there. In addition, many sinks are made of materials that discolor, stain, and rust. Periodic cleaning of your kitchen sink can return its natural luster and make it appear brand new. Follow these steps to remove stains and discoloration from your kitchen sink.

Step 1

Wash and remove all dishes and silverware from the sink. Clear the sink of all objects and obstacles. Also remove all items from the top and back of the sink as you will be cleaning all metal portions of the sink including exterior portions.

Step 2

Kitchen Sink SOS PadTake a fine emery cloth and douse it with antibacterial liquid hand dishwashing soap. If you do not have an emery cloth you can substitute a brillo pad, scour pad, or similar abrasive material.

Step 3

Using small circular motions, rub the sink with the emery cloth soap combination. Put as much pressure with your hands into the cloth as you possibly can. The key here is the combination of pressure with abrasive material is what will actually remove the stains and shine the sink. This will not work with a regular sponge no matter how much pressure you apply.

Step 4

Repeat step 3 again to remove any sink stains you may have missed. Now rinse the sink with hot water to wash the soap down the drain.

Step 5

Use a paper towel to dry the sink. If the sink is made out of chrome or a type of polishable steel you may use a chrome polish to remove deep tarnish. Dab some of the chrome polish on a clean soft cotton cloth and rub the stains in the sink until the discoloration is gone. Then use a clean part of the cloth to remove the polish.

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