Accredited Online Degree Programs


          Accredited online degree programs are very valuable tools in advancing your education. They can help you get a college degree without actually having to physically drive to a campus and sit in on classes. All the coursework can be completed through the internet usually by logging into the college’s online website program and signing into your account. These days as the internet has been advancing for over a decade there are more and more colleges and universities both big and small all across the country offering accredited online degree programs. These online degree programs are for full Associates, Bachelors, and even Masters degrees in a wide range of fields including liberal arts, math, sciences, and business. There are more options available each year as more universities are expanding their online offerings to include more than just individual classes. One of the problems however with online classes just as with other online endeavors there may be spam or fake programs out there. You must find an accredited program that will legitimately offer you a real degree.

Step 1

Start by determining what degree you want to enroll in. It can be a continuation of your current degree such as your undergraduate degree and be in the same field. Or you can choose something that may further your career. Perhaps you just want to get a certificate or take a few classes. The choices are many but once you have narrowed down and chosen the degree you want you can focus on selecting the right accredited online degree program.

Step 2

Now a days it is easier than 5 or 10 years ago in finding an online degree program. In many cases if you have a regular college in mind you can go to the college’s website and search to see if they offer online degree programs. These days you do not necessarily have to resort to a purely online college to get your accredited online degree. In fact many brick and mortar universities are offering classes and full time programs online. Your first step should be to look them up and see if you can enroll in a degree program through them. The vast majority of brick and mortar universities in the United States are accredited so you will have no problem getting an accredited online degree. However one disadvantage may be the cost.

Step 3

If you are on more of a budget you may want to consider a pure online accredited college. These are online universities which were established from the beginning as online universities and do not have a history as brick and mortar colleges. Examples of online degree universities are Phoenix Online University and DeVry Online University. The US Secretary of Education has a database which will tell you if a college program is accredited or not. You can review for whether or not a college is accredited here.

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