How to Enroll in Online College


          In the wonderful technological day and age we live in we have the opportunity to do something that was never capable of before. We can get degrees in college online through the internet without ever stepping foot in the classroom. As odd as this sounds in the last 8 years online universities offering fully accredited degrees have grown in number as have those regular colleges now starting to offer more and more online programs. The reason for this is because technology advances in both computer power and affordability as well as internet speed have all been increasing to the point where it is a cheaper and easy alternative now to attend online college classes from the comfort of your own home in front of the computer than it is to pay for a regular class on campus. The reason it is so much cheaper online is because there is less overhead for the university to pay since you are not physically taking up a space within their buildings.

Step 1

There are many different universities and programs offering full degrees online and certificates. First you must decide what major you want to get your degree in. Many people choose graduate degrees in the same major as their undergrad degrees. You can go this route or perhaps you can get a whole undergraduate degree online. When online degree programs first started to be introduced years ago the only degrees available were in the liberal arts or majors such as sociology, or psychology. There were no online offerings for science degrees. However in the last several years universities have been offering increasingly complex majors online as well including biology and engineering. The more technologically advanced our society becomes the more these tech majors are being offered online. We truly live in an exciting time.

Step 2

Now that you have selected your major for enrollment, review online for degree programs. You have one of two methods. Either you can select a few universities you like then try to find out if they offer online degree programs. Or you can search for specific online only college programs and use one of those. Some popular examples of online universities are the University of Phoenix Online, DeVry University Online, APU Online College, and Kaplan University Online Programs.

Step 3

Now that you have a list of schools handy you should go to their online websites and research whether or not they offer your specific major and how much it would cost to get the degree. Compare a few different online colleges, how much it will cost to take classes, how many credits are required, as well as the different class requirements. If you are trying to transfer old classes for credit towards your new degree then email each of the online universities you are considering to see how many of your classes they will accept. Because each university will be different some will take all of your transfer credits, others will only take half or any combination thereof.

Step 4

Once you have decided on a college follow the information on their prospective online program websites on what to do to begin your online college degree.

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