How to Get into Alabama University


          The University of Alabama is a public university in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. There are close to 30,000 students that attend the university. U Alabama is ranked as 79th of national colleges in the US. The percent of entrance applicants who are admitted into the university are around 60%. So there is better than 50% chance that you will be admitted into Alabama University after you apply.

Step 1

The entrance SAT scores for U Alabama are not much too difficult to obtain. The scores for Math for the middle 50% of the incoming students are between 500 to 620 points. The critical reading scores are between 500 and 600. The average ACT composite scores are between 21 to 28. If you’d like to raise your SAT scores for a better chance at scholarship money then consider buying an SAT prep book.

Step 2

Study the average GPA and other entering freshmen academic statistics to understand where your grades need to be to apply to University of Alabama. The average high school GPA for entering freshmen is 3.4. Eighty percent of the incoming freshmen were in the top half of their graduating high school classes and 20% or 1/5th were in the bottom 50%. So that means there is a good range of grades entering Alabama University. This raises your chances of acceptance as well as gives you a better opportunity to get scholarship money if you score high in the rankings.

Step 3

Familiarize yourself with all the admissions deadlines for Univ. of Alabama. The application fee is $40 dollars and the priority deadline for admission is February 1st. Make sure you submit your FAFSA information by March 1st. The Alabama University scholarship application is due by December 1st.

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