How to Get into Arizona University AU


          Arizona University, also called UA, is a public university in Tucson, Arizona. There are close to 40,000 students that attend Arizona state University. The Arizona sports teams are called the Arizona Wildcats. Arizona University has a beautiful campus including close to 200 buildings many with red brick facades that add a unique feel to the university. The university of Arizona has a 78% acceptance rate so you have a three quarters chance of getting into the university. Although there are good odds that you will get accepted follow the tips below to help you achieve your goals of getting accepted into Arizona University.

Step 1

Learn what the average GPA scores are for entering freshmen into the University. If you can get your GPA scores up to this level or higher you may be able to get scholarship money to attend the university. Over 50% of incoming freshmen had a GPA above 3.25. Since Arizona University is a selective school you will need to get good grades in high school to compete for admission into AU.

Step 2

Study the common SAT scores to get into Arizona University. If you try to beat the averages for the SAT scores then you will be able to not only get accepted into the university but also compete for scholarship money. The SAT critical reading scores for the middle 50% of incoming AU freshmen are between 460 and 600 points. Also the Math SAT scores are between 490 and 620 for the middle 50% of incoming AU freshmen. Try some SAT prep books to raise your scores if they are too low.

Step 3

Learn the entrance deadline for AU so you don’t miss out on the application. The application deadline for fall semester for regular students is May 1st. For transfer students the deadline is June 1st, and for International students the deadline is also May 1st. You must make sure to submit your TOEFL scores for international students.

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