How to Get into Auburn University


          Auburn University or AU is a public university that is located in Auburn, Alabama. There are over 25,000 students at Auburn University. Auburn University is ranked within the top 40 of US public universities. AU is also famous for its architecture and design programs. Auburn University also has one of the largest undergraduate engineering programs as it graduates more undergraduate engineers than most other colleges in the nation. Auburn University’s sports teams are called the tigers. Auburn University has many academic programs such as the Auburn college of agriculture, college of architecture, college of business, college of education, Samuel Ginn college of engineering, College of Human Sciences, School of Nursing, College of Science and Mathematics, College of Veterinary Medicine. If you are looking to get accepted into Auburn University then follow the steps below.

Step 1

Find out what the average GPA scores are to get into Auburn University. You can model your high school career after this GPA score so that you have a better chance of getting into Auburn University. The average GPA scores is 3.7 for freshmen into Auburn University. The overall admissions rate is 80% for AU. So you have an excellent chance at getting into this university. If your entrance scores are higher than the majority of your peers then you have a higher chance of getting scholarhips and grant money for tuition.

Step 2

Study the average SAT scores for incoming freshmen to Auburn University. The average score for Math for incoming middle 50% of AU freshmen is 540 to 660. The average score for critical reading is 520 to 640 for the middle 50% of students. The SAT writing score is 510 to 620. The ACT composite score is 23 to 29. Try to purchase some SAT prep books to help you raise your SAT scores.

Step 3

Learn the deadlines for application to Auburn University. The deadline for early action freshman admission to the fall semester is October 1st. The regular application for fall admission is November 1st.

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