How to Get into Boston College BC


          Boston College is one of the premier Catholic colleges in the Northeast Coast. BC as it is called is located in the outskirts of the city of Boston off the C line train. BC has approximately 15,000 students and is consistently ranked within the top 20 of best colleges. BC offers a wide variety of majors but is very famous for its strong business department and business majors. Getting an education at Boston College will make you a very well rounded person and give you access to explore one of the most college dense cities in the United States, Boston, Massachusetts. BC is a very difficult school to get into and has an acceptance rate of 30%. Its sports teams are called the Eagles. They have rivalries with Boston University, Northeastern University, and other local Boston Schools. The hockey rivalry between BC, BU and Northeastern is quite intense and games leading up to the famous Beanpot Championship are always sold out. If you are looking to attend one of the most difficult Catholic affiliated colleges in the US then look no further than BC and follow the steps below to help you get accepted into Boston College.

Step 1

Study the average GPA scores of incoming freshmen into the University. The average GPA for incoming freshmen to BC is 3.68. Since Boston College is very challenging academically you will have to excel in your high school grades. Strive for excellence in your high school classes and try to achieve A’s in as many classes as possible. You are competing among some of the best and brightest students for admission into BC so do your best.

Step 2

Learn the average SAT scores for entering BC freshmen, then practice until your scores are above these numbers. Try to use SAT prep books to help raise your scores. By being on the higher end of the SAT score range you will be better equipped to get accepted into the college and will also be considered for merit scholarships. The average SAT score for SAT Math is 685 points. The average score for SAT Critical reading is 655 points and the average score for SAT Writing is 675 points.

Step 3

Try to set yourself apart from other students in more ways than academically. Because BC is very focused on church and community any type of activities you do during your high school career that showcase your community service or leadership abilities can greatly gain you favor with the admissions board. For example volunteering at local food drives, or with organizations that help the needy will be beneficial. Maybe you can volunteer at your church or with a local church organization. There are many ways to help your community so just try and be creative.

Step 4

Review the BC application deadlines. The early action deadline is Novermber 1st and the Boston College regular admission application deadline for fall semester is January 1st. You may also want to schedule an on campus interview that might aid you in the applications process. This will also give you a chance to tour the BC university campus as well. The application deadline for International students to Boston College is due November 1st for early action and January 1st for regular admission.

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