How to Get into Boston University


          Boston University is one of the premier colleges in Boston, Massachusetts. It is located along Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. BU as it is known is a series of many disjointed buildings running along Comm Ave. The university is accessible via the B line on the MBTA subway in Boston. In fact many stops along the B train put you in front of the various buildings of Boston University. BU enrolls over 30,000 students usually and is one of the largest universities in the college town of Boston. Attending BU Boston University will not only provide you with a fantastic education it will also be a great college living experience in the heart of Boston. Study the guidelines below to help you get accepted into BU.

Step 1

GPA scores of incoming freshmen to BU range anywhere from 2.5 to 4.0 so there is plenty of leaway here to get in. Just focus on getting the best grades you can in high school. The higher your GPA when you apply to BU the better your chances of getting a great scholarship to help fund your college education when you get accepted into Boston University.

Step 2

Focus on solid SAT scores. BU freshmen typically range in the low 600’s points for Math, Critical Reading, and Writing on their SATs. You may want to consider purchasing some SAT prep books to help you raise your SAT scores.

Step 3

You must submit one teacher evaluation with your common application to BU. This should be a recommendation from a high school teacher who knew your very well and also in whom’s class you excelled in. Make sure that this teacher knows you well enough to write a thoughtful and detailed recommendation. It may help to have a teacher write you a recommendation from a subject closely related to the major you are choosing in college. For example if you are applying to the engineering department then have one of your science teachers such as a physics or math teacher write you a recommendation. If you are applying for History or English have the appropriate teacher do an evaluation. You get the picture.

Step 4

Try to schedule a personal on campus interview if Boston University allows it. This will help you get familiarized with the school and the feedback the interviewers gives to the admissions board may help you get your foot in the door as well as show your enthusiasm for attending the university because you went out of your way to schedule a personal interview.

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