How to Get into Brigham Young University BYU


          Brigham Young University or BYU is a Mormon University located in Provo, Utah. It is considered to be one of the largest religious universities in the United States. Close to half of BYU students have been missionaries for the Mormon Church. The Campus is located near the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. There are many famous alumni of BYU including former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney as well as author Orson Scott Card.

Step 1

BYU University is somewhat selective with its high school applicants. Close to 90% of incoming freshmen are in the top 25% of their graduating classes as far as grade go. The average entrance GPA is close to 3.8. The average SAT scores for each of the SAT subjects are between 500 and 700 for most entering Brigham Young University students. It may help to practice your SAT’s with some SAT prep books before taking the exams. The higher your scores the better the chances you will have at getting into BYU and maybe getting scholarship money.

Step 2

Familiarize yourself with the BYU application deadlines. The deadline for acceptance to the Fall semester is the previous February 1st. The deadline for application to Spring semester is also February 1st. You can also submit for the priority deadline for Fall semester of December 1st. If you submit the priority deadline then you will be given extra consideration in the admissions process. If you are sure that BYU is your first choice for college then it is suggested you submit to the priority deadline as it will help you get accepted into Brigham Young University.

Step 3

Submit well written entrance essays and thoroughly fill out the part of the application regarding your extracurricular activities. BYU requires you to write 2 out of 3 entrance essays. In addition there is a portion of the application for extracurricular activities. You will want to highlight any sports you are involved in high school, student government positions, clubs you are involved in etc. It may also be helpful if you are of the Mormon faith that you expound upon any religious related accomplishments you have already completed while in high school whether this includes any type of mission work or volunteering with your church for example.

Step 4

If you are a Latter Day Saints applicant you will also have to submit a Seminary or Institute recommendation. This is a recommendation that your seminary teacher will have to fill out and submit online. Make sure you give your seminary teacher at least several weeks in advance of the deadline to fill out the form preferably longer. You do not want to give them the form at the last minute and ask them to rush.

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