How to Get into Columbia University


          Columbia University is a prestigious private college located in New York City, New York. It is an Ivy League College. Founded in the 1700’s Columbia University is the oldest university in the State of New York. There have been many famous graduates of Columbia University over the years including Supreme Court Justices, Heads of State, Pulitzer prize winners, Nobel Prize winners as well as a few United States Presidents. Columbia is the 6th most selective university in the United States with an acceptance rate of slightly less than 10%. Columbia receives so much endowment money that it allows accepted students whose parents make less than 60 thousand dollars a year, free tuition, room, and board.

Step 1

Know the application deadlines for admission so that you do not miss your time. The early decision application deadline for Columbia is November 1st. The application deadline for Regular Decision applicants to get accepted into Columbia is January 1st.

Step 2

Interviews for admissions can attempt to be scheduled. However they are not required in the admission process. It will not hinder your chances of getting accepted in any way to Columbia University if you do not do an admissions interview. The student interviews are conducted by Columbia Alumni near where you currently live if there are any available in your area. Normally the alumni interviewer asks you questions and offers advice about Columbia. They take notes and report back to the Columbia about your interview.

Step 3

Columbia entrance SAT scores are very high. In fact most students admitted to Columbia score in the 700’s on each of the different SAT tests. The average Math, Reading, and Writing SAT scores are around 730 points. If your practice scores are in the low 600’s you will definitely need to either take some SAT prep classes or try some SAT prep books in an attempt to raise your grades into the ranges necessary for successful application to the university.

Step 4

The average entrance GPA for incoming freshmen to Columbia University is 3.8. This is extremely competitive. You must get close to straight A’s mixed in with a few A-‘s to achieve this ranking. This score is right up there with the competitiveness of other Ivy League Universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

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