How to Get into Duquesne University


          Duquesne University is a private Catholic University located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is also known as Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit. Duquesne has grown over the years and now has over 10,000 students. The university is ranked among the top 150 of national universities. Duquesne University is made up of several institutions including the Mary Pappert School of Music, School of Education, School of Nursing, Rangos School of Health Sciences, School of Leadership and Professional Advancement, McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts, Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences Duquesne School of Law, A.J. Palumbo School of Business Administration, and the Mylan School of Pharmacy. If you are interested in getting accepted to Duquesne University than read the tips below to get some ideas.

Step 1

Look at the average GPA entrance scores to get into Duquesne University. By studying the ranges of entrance scores of other freshmen into the University you will raise your chances of getting accepted because you can study where you need to be academically to get into the university. The admissions rate into Duquesne is over 75% so you have a good chance at getting into the university.

Step 2

Study the incoming freshmen SAT scores for Duquesne University. Buy some SAT prep books to help raise your scores and get into Duquesne. The middle 50% of SAT math scores for incoming Duquesne freshmen are between 520 and 610. The average critical reading scores are between 510 and 600. The ACT composite scores are between 23 to 28.

Step 3

Learn the admissions deadlines for Duquesne University. The early decision deadline for fall semester is November 1st.

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