How to Get into Georgia Tech


          Georgia Tech is one of the top engineering and science colleges in the United State. Sometimes abbreviated as just Tech, Georgia Tech is located in the heart of the bustling city of Atlanta, Georgia and was founded in 1885. Georgia Tech is usually ranked in the top 10 Engineering Colleges in the US College Rankings. Georgia Tech is one of the most difficult Science and Engineering Universities to get accepted to. The college has around 20,000 students and many usually find great jobs after leaving college because of the fantastic educational reputation of GTech.

Step 1

The average entrance GPA for freshmen entering Georgia Tech is around 3.6 or an A- average. When working on your high school grades focus on excelling especially in your science, physics, and math classes if you are going to be a science or engineering major at Georgia Tech. If your grades falter at all it is best that the non science grades falter over the science grades because they should be given more weight in an application to Gtech.

Step 2

The SAT math scores for entering Tech freshmen are in the high 600’s. The average SAT scores for critical reading and writing are a bit lower in the mid 600’s. While these scores are not as difficult to obtain as many of the Ivy League college requirements they are still high scores. If you cannot reach these scores on your own then consider using an SAT prep book to bolster your grades.

Step 3

Familiarize yourself with the Georgia Tech application deadlines so that you do not miss them. The early action deadline for fall is October 1st. The regular decision application deadline is January 15th. Missing a deadline can greatly hamper your ability to get accepted into Georgia Tech.

Step 4

During your high school years enroll in some extracurricular activities and excel in them. Play the piano, or violin for example. Run varsity track. Participate in student government. Each of these activities you perform will help you become a better person in the future and increase your chances of getting into GTech.

Step 5

Try to accomplish some kind of extracurricular science or engineering related activities in your high school years. Perhaps you can join a high school robotics team like FIRST. Or maybe you can join a local astronomy club. Any science activity you can add to your high school resume will greatly set you apart from other high school students when applying to Georgia Tech.

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