How to Get into Harvard


          Harvard University is one of the most sought after Ivy League schools to attend for college in the United States and the world even. Harvard University has been around since the 1600’s and is one of the world’s top universities in subjects such as Business, the Liberal Arts, and certain Sciences such as Astrophysics. Harvard consistently ranks among the top universities in the world. Harvard is a very difficult school to get into however there are things you can do as a high school senior to improve your chances of getting into this top Ivy League school.

Step 1

Enroll in an SAT prep class and purchase SAT prep material. The average SAT scores in Math and English for Harvard entering freshman are well into the 700’s. This means that you must be in the high percentile of scorers to have a chance at getting into Harvard. SAT scores are some of the top criteria that colleges look at for incoming freshmen so you will want to make sure that you score high in them to get accepted to Harvard.

Step 2

Make sure that your senior and junior high school grades and gpa are as high as possible. Preferably you want your gpa to be at least 3.5 but the closer it is to 4.0 the better your chances are of getting into Harvard. Remember that you will be competing with some of the best and smartest high school seniors in the United States to get into Harvard. Many of them will have 3.8, 3.9 or even straight 4.0 Gpa’s. So, the higher your grades the better. You do not have to worry as much about your freshmen and sophomore high school grades as colleges are more concerned about your Junior and Senior Year grades.

Step 3

Write super college entrance essays. College entrance essays are usually the make or break for college applications. If you have 5 students with around the same SAT scores, and GPA’s everything else being considered equal the one with the college essay that stands out the most, is the most unique, and captures the attention of the college admissions department will most likely be the one getting into Harvard. A college essay should be unique depending on the subject the admissions department requires however this may be difficult. You must take time to be creative here and showcase your great writing skills proving that you are as creative as you are intelligent.

Step 4

Try to incorporate some extracurricular activities into your high school experience to make yourself a more well rounded student. Also try to excel at these activities in a progressive fashion that shows you can improve over time. For example if you run track one year, try to make varsity the next. Try to pick up a musical instrument such as the piano or flute for example. College entrance boards may give extra weight to this.

Step 5

Set up an on campus admissions board interview. Going the extra mile to meet a member of the Harvard Admissions board in person for an interview will go a long way at helping you get into Harvard. Harvard will let you know if this is an acceptable method of interview. Usually you will meet with one person for an hour or so. They may ask you a predetermined set of questions so be prepared. There are many books you can purchase to study for this type of interview.

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