How to Get into Iowa University


          Iowa University is a public university in Iowa City, Iowa. It has approximately 30,000 students, mostly undergraduates and its sports teams are called the Hawkeyes. The school competes in NCAA Division I sports. There are many colleges and majors at the University of Iowa including the Iowa College of Engineering, College of Pharmacy, College of Education, College of Nursing, College of Law, Graduate College, Carver College of Medicine, College of Dentistry, College of Public Health, and Trippie College of Business among others. The University of Iowa was once voted among the best 30 public universities in the nation. The Iowa University Campus is also home to many museums including the Museum of Natural History, the Old Capital Museum, the Medical Museum, the Athletic Hall of Fame Museum, and Project Art Museum. Many notable actors and actresses attended the University of Iowa including Ashton Kutcher, Tom Arnold, Gene Wilder, and Brandon Routh. If you would like to join their ranks and get accepted into Iowa University then follow the advice below to help you get started.

Step 1

Learn what the average GPA is to get accepted into Iowa University. Then strive to raise your GPA scores in high school to be higher than this amount. This will not only help you get accepted into the university but also possibly get scholarship money as well. The average GPA to get accepted into Iowa University is 3.53 and the overall admissions rate to the university is 85% so you have a very good chance at getting into the university.

Step 2

Learn the average SAT scores that freshmen have when they enter Iowa University. Try to raise your SAT scores with SAT prep books so that you can match or exceed the average. Remember, the higher your scores the more scholarship money you can get to attend the university. The middle 50% SAT scores for Math for IU freshmen are between 540 and 690. The middle scores for critical reading are 490 to 640. The ACT composite scores are between 22-28.

Step 3

Try to incorporate some extracurricular activities into your daily life in high school. Not only will this help your chances of getting into Iowa University but it will better prepare you for the multitasking you will be doing in college. Maybe take up a musical instrument or get involved in student government. Anything extra you can do to put on your resume will help you get into Iowa University.

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