How to Get into Michigan State University MSU


          Michigan State University or MSU is a research University in East Lansing, Michigan. Michigan State University is within the 10 largest universities in the United States with close to 50,000 students. MSU is home to the Spartans sports teams including a renowned cross country team and hockey team.

Step 1

The entrance SAT scores to get into MSU for average students are the following: 440 for Critical Reading, 600 for Math, and 545 for SAT writing. Luckily these scores are not as difficult to obtain as some other colleges out there. So in this case you can try to raise your scores to help you be considered for scholarship money. The higher your high school grades and SAT scores the more money you may be given as a grant to attend MSU. Read a few SAT prep books to help you bolster your SAT scores.

Step 2

Entrance GPA’s for Michigan State University average around 3.3 with some being higher and some lower. Strive for a strong academic performance through your senior year in high school.

Step 3

Prepare a personal statement for admission to Michigan State. The personal statement is an essay of 400 words one of a set of topics that you can choose from on the website of Michigan State University.

Step 4

Learn the deadlines for admission into MSU. The application fee is a $50 dollar non refundable fee. Inquire about the MSU College Achievement Admissions Program. This is a different admissions procedure for students who qualify based on low financial or economic status who otherwise would need help getting into a university. Seniors need to apply by November 1st for scholarship consideration. Make sure to submit your FAFSA after January 1st of your senior year in high school. If you are applying for graduate school at MSU into any of the following colleges, College of Human Medicine, College of Osteopathic Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, Eli Broad College of Business, or MSU College of Law you will need to submit $50 dollars with your application.

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