How to Get into Michigan Technological University


          Michigan Technological University is a public university founded in 1885 and located in Houghton, Michigan. Michigan Tech has approximately 7,000 students and sports teams called the Michigan Tech Huskies. Michigan Tech is a very strong science and engineering university. It is separated into the Michigan Tech College of Engineering, Michigan Tech College of Arts and Sciences, Michigan Tech School of Business and Economics, Michigan Tech School of Forrest Resources and Environmental Science, and the Michigan Tech School of Technology. There have been several notable alumni who graduate from Michigan Tech University including Melvin Calvin, the man who came up with the Calvin Cycle, the NHL players Randy McKay, Tony Esposito, Chris Connor, and Damian Rhodes among others. If you are looking at getting into Michigan Technological University then follow the tips below to help you get accepted to Michigan Tech.

Step 1

Learn the average GPA for getting into Michigan Tech. The average scores of incoming freshmen to the university can be used to judge how high your grades should be in high school to have a good chance at getting into the university. The average GPA for incoming Michigan Tech freshmen is 3.56 which is a relatively high GPA so you will have to get very good grades if you want to be considered for Michigan Tech.

Step 2

Look at the standardized test SAT scores for accepted freshmen to Michigan Tech so you can model your testing after that. Try to exceed the average scores to increase your chances of both getting into the university and getting scholarship money. The middle 50% of scores for SAT math for Michigan Tech are between 600 to 690. The middle scores for Critical Reading are 510 to 650 and the middle scores for Writing are also between 510 to 630. The average ACT composite scores range from 23 to 29.

Step 3

Follow the admissions deadlines for admission to Michigan Tech so you do not miss any deadlines. The application deadline for freshman priority admission is January 15th.

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