How to Get into Michigan University


          The University of Michigan Ann Arbor is a public university located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is the main campus of the University of Michigan system. The University of Michigan system has campuses at other locations such as Flint, Michigan and Dearborn, Michigan however Ann Arbor is the largest and most popular campus. U Michigan has been voted within the top 15 universities in the United States. UM Ann Arbor has 4 main areas on campus including Central campus, North Campus, and South Campus. The University of Michigan has one of the largest college endowments that at one point was close to seven and a half billion dollars. University Michigan tuition for out of state students is around $40,000 dollars and between 10 to 16 thousand for instate students. UM has 42,000 total students. U Michigan has a very high population of graduate students with around 15,000. If you would like to become a U Michigan Wolverine and get accepted into U Michigan then follow the tips below.

Step 1

Check out the entrance GPA scores for incoming freshmen to U Michigan in order to gauge how difficult your high school career must be. The average high school GPA for incoming U Michigan freshmen is 3.8. As you can see U Michigan is a difficult school to get into so you must focus on your grades from freshman year to senior year in high school.

Step 2

Boost your SAT scores so that they are above the average scores for UM students. This way you will be a good candidate for scholarship money. Average SAT scores for Critical reading are between 620 and 730 points. The UM average SAT scores for Math are very high between 660 and 770 in fact. The SAT writing scores are between 640 and 740. As you can see, incoming U Michigan students are very proficient in Math so it may be wise to purchase some SAT Math prep books to raise your math scores.

Step 3

Review the U Michigan admissions deadlines. The Fall term UM application deadline is February 1st. The early action deadline is November 1st. There is also the early action application option. Early action guarantees an admissions decision by the end of December.

Step 4

The acceptance rate to University Michigan is around 60%. So you have more than half a chance at getting into the University. However, to better your chances you may want to involve yourself in extracurricular activities in high school such as joining the school band, playing in sports, or getting involved with student government.

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