How to Get into Northeastern University


          Northeastern University or NU is the number one university in the country for coop or cooperative education. Northeastern offers an amazing coop program whereby students spend a good portion of their college career working for companies in their respective fields. This coop experience is paid and usually consists of either 6 month or 3 month intervals. After finishing coop the students go back to attending classes. Normally one full year is added to the college experience in the coop program so it takes 5 years to complete an undergraduate degree instead of 4 years. Many big name companies participate in the coop program such as IBM, Gillette, Microsoft, Merrill Lynch, etc. Northeastern University has a very strong engineering and business program as well. Cutting edge research goes in the Egan Research Center on campus and brings in millions of dollars per year in research grant money from the government and research organizations such as the NSF. Northeastern university’s ranking has been increasing year after year and now proves to be a very challenging university to get accepted to. Located right in the heart of college town Boston, Northeastern has a rural campus feel nestled right in the heart of a large capital city. If you are looking to attend the best Co-op University in the nation then apply to Northeastern. Read the tips below to help you get accepted into Northeastern.

Step 1

Northeastern University’s college ranking has risen considerably in the last decade from a Tier 2 university to a Tier 1 University with a rank of 69. It is much more difficult to get accepted into Northeastern than it was 10 years ago. The average entrance SAT scores for Math and Critical Reading for NU incoming freshmen are in the low to mid 600’s each. It is recommended that you complete a few college SAT prep books before you take your SAT’s to give you a better chance at college acceptance. With high SAT scores and good grades in high school you will increase your chances at getting a good scholarship at Northeastern. Northeastern awards full yearly tuition grants to individuals who have very high grades and SAT scores in high school.

Step 2

The average entrance GPA for Northeastern Freshmen is above 3.5 and 75% of students are in the top 25% of their high school classes. However the range of entrance GPA’s is from 2.0 to 4.0 so there are many opportunities to get accepted to Northeastern even if you do not have stellar high school grades.

Step 3

Northeastern takes into consideration all your extracurricular activities in high school into the admissions process. This means all your sports activities, volunteer work, musical instruments, student government positions and the like should be expounded upon in your application for enrollment. Be sure to also include all awards you have won for your activities such as trophies, certificates, or medals. These will specifically show superior excellence in your field and also that you went the extra mile to excel at something. These are all favorable traits for incoming Northeastern students.

Step 4

Learn the deadlines for admission to NU. The early action deadline for admittance for fall is November 1st. The regular decision application deadline for freshmen is January 15th. The application fee is around $75 dollars and is a one time fee.

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