How to Get into Northwestern University


          Northwestern University is a private university in Evanston, Illinois. Northwestern was founded in 1851 and has approximately 17,000 students who attend. Northwestern’s sports teams are the famous Wildcats. They compete in NCAA division I sports. The acceptance rate to the university is around 28% so this is a very difficult university to get into. If you would like to get accepted into Northwestern University then follow the advice below to help you get into Northwestern.

Step 1

Study hard in high school and raise your GPA scores above the average scores required to get into Northwestern University. This way you will be ahead of the curve and have better scores than the majority of students applying against you to the university. Use the internet to search for the average Northwestern GPA.

Step 2

Learn the average range of SAT scores in Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. Take some SAT prep tests to help you raise your scores above that amount. The higher your SAT grades the better your chances will be at getting into Northwestern University. The middle 50% scores for SAT Math are between 690 and 780. The middle 50% scores in critical reading are 670 to 750 and the scores for SAT Writing are between 670 and 750. In addition the ACT scores are between 30-33. As you can see the scores are on the high end of the scale which makes Northwestern difficult to get into.

Step 3

Make sure you follow the deadlines for admittance into Northwestern University. The regular admissions application deadline is January 1st. You will want to make sure you have all your application materials in before this deadline or you may forfeit your chances of getting into the university.

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