How to Get into NYU New York University


          NYU or New York University is a private university in New York City, New York. It was founded in 1831 and has an approximate student population of about 50,000 students. Its sports teams are called the Violets. NYU is a difficult school to get into as its admissions rate is only 38%. The university offers a broad range of majors including the NYU School of Medicine, Liberal Arts, Engineering, and Stern School of Business among others. NYU is ranked among the top 30 top universities in the world and is a prestigious school to get into. If you are looking to get accepted to NYU then follow the advice below to help you get in to New York University.

Step 1

Research the average GPA scores of incoming freshmen to get into the University. If you try to raise your scores so that you can beat the average scores then that will increase your chances of getting into NYU. Also the higher your GPA generally the higher the chances that you will get scholarship money if you get accepted into the University as well. The average GPA for incoming NYU freshmen is 3.6. This is a high score and you will have your work cut out for you at keeping such high grades in high school.

Step 2

Learn the average SAT scores for each of the SAT subject tests for incoming freshmen into NYU. The average SAT scores are a good judge of how high your scores should be to stand a chance at getting into the university. This does not mean that if your scores are lower you will not get into the University. However it is always good to strive for scores higher in the range to increase your chances. The middle 50% of scores for the SAT Math test for NYU students are between 600 and 720. The middle scores for Critical Reading range from 610 to 710. For SAT Writing the scores are from 620 to 710. Also if you are taking the ACT the average range of ACT scores are between 27-31.

Step 3

Do some extracurricular activities in high school to better your chances of getting into the university. These will help you get into the university and raise your chances of getting scholarship money as well as you will be seen as a more well rounded student. It is good to vary your activities such as doing both sports and a musical instrument or volunteering along with something else. Be creative try to set yourself apart from other students to better your chances.

Step 4

Learn the deadlines for getting into the university so that you don’t miss any admissions deadlines. The deadline for regular admission into the University is January 1st. The deadline for early admission I and early admission II are November 1st and January 1st respectively. If you are sure that you want to attend NYU then the early action decisions are probably right for you.

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