How to Get into Ohio State University OSU


          Ohio State University or OSU in Columbus Ohio is one of the top 3 largest university campuses in the US. OSU was founded in 1870 and usually carries over 60,000 students during any given year. Ohio state university is ranked consistently within the top 100 Universities in the United States. Ohio State is also famous for its sports teams called the Buckeyes. Famous track and field medalist Jesse Owens was once a Buckeye. Close to 80% of the population of Ohio State is from Ohio. Roughly 20% are out of state students. If you are interested in getting accepted to Ohio State University follow the tips below to help you become a Buckeye.

Step 1

Ohio State University is a challenging university to get into. Their entrance SAT scores are in the high 500’s to 600’s range. In fact the SAT critical reading score is between 540 to 650 for the middle half of the entering freshman class. The SAT Math score is between 580 and 690 for the middle half of the class and the SAT writing score is between 540 and 640 for the same group. The average ACT composite score also is between 25 and 30.

Step 2

The average entrance GPA for incoming Ohio State freshmen is around 3.5. In fact close to 75% of the incoming freshman class is in the top 25% of their class. So you must work hard academically your 4 years in high school to ensure that you are in the top quarter of your graduating class. This way you will have a good chance at getting into Ohio State.

Step 3

Learn all the Ohio State admissions deadlines. There is a $40 dollar application fee to submit your admission application. If you are applying for and want to be considered for scholarships then you must make sure your application materials are all postmarked by December 1st. For Ohio residents the annual tuition for Ohio State is only roughly $8,400 dollars. If you are an entering out of state student then the tuition costs close to $22,000 dollars.

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