How to Get into Pepperdine University


          Pepperdine University is a private university located in Malibu, California. It was founded in 1937 and has a small student population of approximately 7,500 students. It’s sports teams are called the Waves. Pepperdine University is generally a difficult University to get into with an average admissions rate of around 41%. Pepperdine has a beautiful campus located off the Pacific Coast highway in southern California and is a treat to see and visit. For a great education in a beautiful location follow the advice below to try to get accepted into Pepperdine University.

Step 1

Learn the average GPA scores to get into the university. Model your high school career to excel in academics and try to beat those average scores. The higher you are with your GPA the better your chances of getting accepted into the university as well as getting qualified for scholarship money. The average GPA for incoming Pepperdine freshmen is 3.67. This is a high GPA so good luck with your studies.

Step 2

Study the average SAT scores for freshmen to get into the University. Use some SAT prep books to raise your SAT scores into and above that range. This will ensure that at least you standardized test scores are up to par with what others are getting who enter the university. The average SAT scores for Pepperdine for Math are in the range of 560 to 680. The SAT critical reading scores are between 550 to 670 and the SAT Writing average scores range between 550 to 660. The ACT middle scores are between 25 to 30 if you are taking the ACT.

Step 3

Learn the deadlines for admission applications to get into Pepperdine. Do not miss a deadline and throw all your hard work out the window. Pepperdine does not offer a priority deadline for freshmen applications. Its regular admissions deadline is January 15th. The Pepperdine graduate application deadline is March 15th.

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