How to Get into Princeton


          Princeton University is one of the Ivy League Universities located in Princeton, New Jersey. Princeton University has been around since the 1700’s and in fact its oldest building Nassau Hall was built in 1754. Princeton has six residential colleges including Forbes College, Whitman College, Wilson College, Rockefeller College, Mathey College, and Butler College. Like many of the other Ivy Leage Colleges such as Yale, Princeton has a gothic architecture theme. Princeton is a difficult school to get into so it will not be easy. But studying the admission tips below will better your chances at getting accepted into Princeton.

Step 1

Take an SAT prep class to raise your SAT scores into the average range of incoming Princeton freshman. The average SAT scores for Critical Reading, Math and Writing are 740, 745, and 740 respectively. If you fall well below this range then you will have to drastically raise your scores in hopes of getting in. SAT prep books are a good practice way to familiarize yourself with the questions asked on SAT tests. You should take several practice SAT tests and go through a few SAT prep books in addition to taking an SAT prep class if you can afford it to give yourself the best chance at doing superbly on your SAT’s.

Step 2

Fight hard during your last few years in high school to raise your grades high enough to the average Princeton University incoming freshman scores. Incoming Princeton Freshmen have a high school GPA of about 3.9. This means you essentially need to get almost perfect straight A’s to compete with other incoming freshmen. No easy task.

Step 3

If you have to take the ACT for Princeton, then your ACT English, ACT math, and ACT composite scores need to be in the 30-36 range.

Step 4

Get two great letters of recommendation from high school teachers. Princeton requires that incoming freshmen get two letters of recommendation each from a different subject. Choose a teacher in a class that you excelled in and who knows you well to get good letters of recommendation.

Step 5

Write strong Princeton admissions essays. Princeton currently requires that incoming freshmen write 2 essays for most majors and 3 essays if you are applying to the school of engineering. You have to write a 250 word essay on the topic of your choice for the common application. Or they give you five essay subject options to choose from. You also have to write one 500 word essay based on one of 4 choices given to you by Princeton. For the engineering program you have to write an extra essay saying why you want to study engineering.

Step 6

Apply to many other colleges in addition to Princeton even if your heart is set on going to Princeton. Each college application should apply to many safety schools in the event that they do not get accepted to their first school of choice. It’s ok to strive for the stars but also have a fallback plan in the event things don’t work out as planned.

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