How to Get into Purdue University


          Purdue University located in West Lafayette, Indiana. Purdue is highly recognized for its aeronautical engineering programs and aviation studies. In fact over 20 Purdue graduates became astronauts such as Neil Armstrong. Purdue was founded in 1865 and became the first university in the US to offer a degree in aviation. Amelia Earhart even worked at Purdue for 2 years before her ill famed flight over the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you are a resident of the State of Indiana or not read the advice below on how to help get accepted into Purdue University.

Step 1

Familiarize yourself with the expected SAT scores of incoming freshmen so you can strive to exceed the average score. The higher your scores above average the better your chances of getting a merit scholarship or grant. SAT prep books can help you increase your SAT scores. The average Purdue SAT scores in critical reading for the middle half of the freshmen class are between 500 and 600. The average scores for Math are between 540 and 670, and the average scores for Writing are 490 to 600. The Act composite scores are between 23 and 29 as well.

Step 2

Freshman entrance GPA scores and how entering freshmen to Purdue ranked in their high school classes are good factors to consider when applying to Purdue University and preparing for an education there. These statistics can give you a guide on how well you should do in high school to increase your chances of admission. Purdue university entering freshmen have an average GPA of 3.5.

Step 3

The overall admissions rate at Purdue is 73%. This means that almost three quarters of all students who apply to Purdue get admitted. This is good news for you the applicant because you have 7 times the chance of getting accepted at Purdue University than say a university with a low acceptance rate such as Harvard. Still you should strive to make yourself a well rounded high school student by taking a musical instrument, participating in sports, volunteering, joining clubs and the like in order to increase your chances at getting into the university.

Step 4

Study the application deadline for the college. There are many different deadlines for Purdue University admissions. The general admission deadline to be considered for most scholarships is November 15th. For those programs that do not follow the November 15th deadlines the priority deadline is March 1st.

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