How to Get into Rice University


          Rice University is a private university located in Houston, Texas. Rice was founded in 1891 and has a small student population of approximately 5,500 students. Rice’s sports teams are known as the Owls. The University is very difficult to get into with an acceptance rate of around 22%. Rice has a very strong nanotechnology department and Space Science Department of which they are noted for. The university has over 40 degree programs and 8 schools including the Rice School of Architecture, the Shepard School of Music, the Weiss school of Natural Sciences, and the George Brown School of Engineering. If you are looking to get accepted into a prestigious Texas University then look no further than Rice. Follow the tips below to help you get accepted into Rice University.

Step 1

Try to get your high school grades higher to beat the average GPA of incoming students to Rice University. By studying hard in school you will be able to beat the average and increase both your chance of getting accepted as well as getting scholarship money from Rice. The average GPA for incoming Rice students is around 3.8. This is a high GPA so you have your work cut out for you in high school.

Step 2

In addition to a strong GPA you need strong standardized test scores to get into Rice University. Purchase some SAT prep books and take practice tests if you need to raise your scores against the Rice averages. The middle 50% of students entering Rice have SAT math scores between 680 and 780. The average SAT critical reading scores are between 640 and 750. And the average SAT writing scores are between 650 and 740. Also the average ACT scores range between 30 and 34 points.

Step 3

Learn the deadlines for getting accepted into Rice university so you do not miss an important one. If you are looking for general freshman non-priority admission then apply to the university by January 2nd for local and international students. If you are looking for an early action decision then apply by November 1st.

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