How to Get into Rockefeller University


          Rockefeller University is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. Rockefeller University was founded by John D. Rockefeller the famous oil tycoon in 1901. It was founded mainly for the advancement of Science and the biomedical field. Many Nobel Prize winners have gone through Rockefeller University. In addition many scientific discoveries have come out of the college as well such as the creation of methadone for substance abuse, the discovery of dendritic cells, discovery of the gene responsible for leptin and the discovery of immune system antibody molecules. Some of the world’s best biomedical scientist minds have come through and still teach at Rockefeller University. Rockefeller is the Mecca for Biomedical Research. If you have a passion for the biomedical field and want to continue your medical research then Rockefeller University should be your destination as it is the MIT equivalent of the biomedical research world.

Step 1

Rockefeller University is primarily a Graduate school for Biomedical Sciences offering both Masters and PHD programs. The areas of study for majors include biochemistry, chemistry, molecular biology, immunology, virology, medical sciences, human genetics, neuroscience, and physics.

Step 2

Applicants to the John D Rockefeller Graduate program must have completed study in an undergraduate or graduate program. You must submit three letters of recommendation to Rockefeller University in addition to your application. These letters of recommendation must be from professors at your previous institutions who are familiar with your research abilities.

Step 3

Make sure that you try to focus on some research area during your Master’s or undergraduate level prior to entering Rockefeller. Any medical related research done prior to your application to Rockefeller will increase your chances of getting accepted into this research based organization.

Step 4

You must score well on your GRE and submit an application fee of $80 dollars to the university with your application. Practice with a GRE study guide to improve your chances of scoring well on the GRE’s. The application deadlines for the Master’s Program are October 15th and the deadline for the PhD Program is December 6th.

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