How to Get into Southern Methodist University SMU


          Southern Methodist University also known as SMU is a private University located in University Park, Texas. It was founded in 1911 and has approximately 10,500 students. Its sports teams are known as the SMU Mustangs. The university has around a 50% acceptance rate. The University has campuses in several locations including University Park, Taos, Plano, and New Mexico, Texas. SMU is run by the Methodist Church. SMU has seven academic schools including the Cox School of Business, the Dedman College of Humanities, the Dedman School of Law, the Meadows School of the Arts, the Perkins School of Theology, the Simmons School of Education, and the Lyle School of Engineering. The University has an endowment of over $1 billion dollars and is ranked within the top 60 national universities. If you are looking to get accepted into Southern Methodist University then read the advice below for tips on how to get into the school.

Step 1

Raise your high school grades so you at least match or excel past the average GPA scores to get into Southern Methodist University. The higher your grades in high school the better chance you have of getting scholarship money after getting into the university. The average GPA of freshmen entering SMU is 3.57. The acceptance rate of the university is around 50% so you have a one in two chance of getting into the University.

Step 2

Study the average SAT scores for freshmen entering SMU. This will allow you to judge how well you have to do to get accepted into the University. The average SAT scores in the middle 50% of the range for Math are 590 to 680. The average critical reading scores are between 560 to 660. The average ACT scores are between 25 and 30.

Step 3

Learn the deadlines for admissions to Southern Methodist University. Make sure you meet all the deadlines. The early action deadline for freshman admission is November 1st. The deadline for regular freshman admissions for fall semester is January 15th. Also the International student deadline for freshmen is also January 15th.

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