How to Get into Stanford


          Stanford is one of the top science and engineering colleges in both the United States and the world. It is no wonder why Stanford is such a sought after university to attend as it has spawned some of the most well known successful tech minds of the world including Google’s very own Sergey Brin and Larry Page, as well as Jerry Yang co-founder of Yahoo. Stanford is located in Northern California south of San Francisco in the Palo Alto area. Stanford has over 6000 undergraduate students and close to 12,000 graduate students. The university was receiving the highest yearly endowments of any university in 2008 of close to 1 billion dollars per year. As a result Stanford has made much of its education for students whose parents make below a certain amount of money per year completely free.

Step 1

If you are looking to get accepted to Stanford for undergrad or graduate school then you must set yourself apart from your peers. First off your SAT scores must be at least adequate enough to get into Stanford. The average SAT score for Math for incoming Stanford Freshmen is 730, the average score for Critical Reading is 720, and the average score for writing is 715. Since the average score for each SAT subject is above 700 points you should take several SAT tests and prepare well. There are many SAT prep books available as well as SAT classes that will help you improve your scores into the ranges necessary for attending Stanford. Remember that colleges mix and match your best scores from each SAT test so taking the tests more than once will benefit you.

Step 2

Excel at your high school grades and GPA attaining as close to straight A’s or a 4.0 Gpa as possible. While it is not necessary to have perfect grades to get into Stanford, many of your competing peers will so the closer you are to the top the less of a reason you are giving the admissions board to reject you. As for Graduate application students, you must make sure that your undergraduate GPA especially in the subject fields most related to the major you are applying to at Stanford are as high as possible. This means that if you are an engineering undergrad applying to Stanford for an engineering Grad program then it is more important to excel in your core engineering classes, than your Intro to Sociology elective class for example.

Step 3

Take on several extracurricular high school activities and excel at them. Try out a position in student government such as class President or Treasurer. Play a varsity sport and take up a musical instrument. All of these activities will make you a well rounded candidate for Stanford. Be sure to highlight in your student application any awards or certificates or special accommodations that you may have received over the years. Do not leave anything out as they will only increase your favor amongst the admissions board.

Step 4

You must submit two letters of recommendation by teachers of yours in high school from preferably the grades of 11 and 12. Make sure to select two teachers whom you excelled in their classes and will write you fantastic letters of recommendation. This is the same case for Stanford Graduate applications. Sometimes in undergrad we become complacent in setting ourselves apart in class to be remembered by a certain professor. You will want to make sure that you really shine in two or three of your undergraduate level classes and get a good repo ire with those professors so that you will ask them for recommendations in the future.

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