How to Get into Tufts University


          Tufts University is a prestigious and acclaimed private university located in Medford, Mass right next to Boston. Tufts was founded in 1852 and has approximately 10,000 students. It is a very selective school and has an approximate 27% admissions rate which means that only about one quarter of student applicants will get accepted into the university. Even for its relatively small student population Tufts still has over a $1 billion dollar endowment which is very impressive. Tufts has many different colleges including the Tufts School of Engineering, Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts Dental School, Tufts school of Veterinary Medicine, and Tufts School of Medicine. If you are looking to get accepted into Tufts University when you graduate high school then follow the advice below to help you get into Tufts.

Step 1

If you want to get into Tufts then get your high school GPA near or above the Tufts average. While this will not necessarily guarantee that you get into the university it will definitely help you in this quest. Search online for the average Tufts entrance GPA. Check out a few websites to make sure your data is accurate.

Step 2

Take an SAT prep class or practive with SAT prep books to raise your SAT scores. High school SAT scores are very important in the College admissions decision process for every college so try to nip this one in the bud. It may take many practice tests before you can raise your scores by even a few hundred points but it is definitely worth it. The middle 50% of SAT scores for Tufts SAT Math for entering students is between 680 and 750. As you can see this is a high range because it is a very selective school with a lot of intelligent students attending it. The Tufts average middle range SAT critical reading scores are between 680 to 750 also and the writing scores are between 680 and 760. If you are taking and submitting the ACT to Tufts then check out the average ACT scores of between 30 to 33.

Step 3

Learn the deadlines for admission to Tufts so you don’t miss your opportunity to get in. The deadline for regular fall freshman admission to Tufts is January 3rd. The deadline is the same for International Tufts student applicants. If you are doing the early action decision then the deadline is Nov. 1st.

Step 4

Since Tufts is a prestigious university to get into then you need to do more than just have great academics to get into the University. You also need to set yourself apart with extracurricular activities. Join student government or take up a musical instrument like the piano, violin, or drums in high school. You may want to volunteer for some organizations as well.

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