How to Get into UC Berkeley


          UC Berkeley is one of the most sought after universities to attend in the state of California. UC Berkeley was founded in 1868 and is located in Berkeley, California just over the bridge from San Francisco. UC Berkeley has a very different feel from other colleges in California such as Stanford. In fact its campus resembles that of those found in the New England area with the similar type of foliage as would be seen in the Northeast. UC Berkeley has been described as a little taste of New England in Northern California. Many famous scientists have passed through Berkeley at one time or another. For example, Robert Oppenheimer founder of the Manhattan Project was a Berkeley physicist. UC Berkeley has a roughly 1200 acre campus. It was voted the number 1 public university in the United States. If you are looking to study at one of the top colleges in the US follow the advice below to help get accepted into UC Berkeley.

Step 1

Strive to excel in your high school grades. The average entrance GPA for UC Berkeley Freshmen is around 3.7. This is close to Straight A’s or A minuses during your whole high school career. Berkeley is very competitive to get into. If you have your heart set on Berkeley and your grades are failing then perhaps you should get yourself a high school tutor to raise your grades and increase your chances of admission into UC Berkeley.

Step 2

Learn the average SAT scores for entering Berkeley freshmen. The average SAT score for Math is around 700, the average score for Critical Reading is 650 and the average score for writing is 660. If you are not up to par with your SAT scores then perhaps consider getting an SAT tutor or studying SAT prep books. Sometimes it can be difficult to raise your scores so consider taking the SAT’s many times.

Step 3

The overall admission rate to UC Berkeley is only 22%, so it is a very competitive college. As such you must do everything in your power to increase your chances of getting accepted. This means in addition to excelling at academics and standardized tests you must also prove yourself worthy in other aspects of life that the admissions board looks at. For example you may want to join student government. Be a class secretary, treasurer or president for example. Join a few extracurricular clubs at school and try to participate in a sport after class. Playing musical instruments is a good activity to put on your college entrance application. Also, learning additional languages looks good as well.

Step 4

The deadline for application for the fall semester at UC Berkeley is November 30th. March 1st is the FAFSA deadline. Don’t miss the deadlines! Good luck in your application to Berkeley.

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