How to Get into UC San Diego


          University of California San Diego or UC San Diego is a public university and part of the California Public University system. UC San Diego is located in La Jolla, San Diego, California. UC San Diego has close to 30,000 students and is consistently ranked within the top 40 best universities in the United States. UC San Diego’s sports teams are called the Tritons. UC San Diego is made up of Residential colleges much like the system at Cambridge University in England is set up. The different colleges at UC San Diego are John Muir College, Revelle College, Thurgood Marshall College, Earl Warren College, Eleanor Roosevelt College, and Sixth College. UCSD only admits about 1/3rd of its college applicants so it is a difficult school to get into. Some of the popular attractions at UCSD include the Price Center which has restaurants and a movie theatre as well.

Step 1

The average entrance GPA for incoming UCSD freshmen is close to 4.0. UCSD is a very tough college to get into. You must strive for academic excellence to achieve this score. Perhaps taking some AP classes in high school and getting high grades in them will be enough to raise your average GPA score close to 4.0. Since AP classes are weighted higher and A in an AP class can significantly boost your high school GPA.

Step 2

Study the SAT entrance scores for UC San Diego and try to beat them. Both reading and writing SAT scores for UCSD students are in the low 600’s for average scores. The average Math SAT scores fall a bit higher in the high 600’s. Try out some SAT prep books to help you raise your scores.

Step 3

Since UCSD is so competitive you will have to stand out in your high school class to help you get accepted. Only 1/3rd of applicants are accepted into UC San Diego so try to set yourself apart from the rest by doing several extracurricular activities in high school. If you just have high grades and SAT scores but have no other experience on your high school resume then you may be considered not well rounded and could suffer in the admissions decision.

Step 4

Do not miss the UCSD admissions application deadlines. November 30th is the fall admission application deadline. The application for financial aid must be made from January 1st to March 2nd.

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