How to Get into UCLA


          UCLA or the University of California Los Angeles as it is known is a very popular and challenging college in southern California. It is located in Los Angeles in Westwood. UCLA has close to 40,000 students and is one of the most applied to universities in the United States. UCLA has very beautiful architecture of its campus buildings. Because there are so many students applying to UCLA it is difficult to get accepted. In fact the acceptance rate to UCLA for incoming freshmen is less than 25% or one quarter of all college applicants. Follow the guidelines below to help you get into UCLA.

Step 1

Average entrance SAT scores for UCLA are around 620 for reading, 640 for math, and 640 for Writing. These entrance scores are not as difficult to achieve as some schools such as Harvard or Yale but they are still in the high percentile. It would be wise for you to purchase some SAT Prep books or SAT prep classes in order to raise your entrance scores.

Step 2

The average GPA of entering freshmen to UCLA is around 4.0 which means that you have to have straight A’s or close to it to compete with other student applicants. This can be a daunting task so make sure that your high school grades are as best as they can be. What you lack in grades you will have to make up in other areas such as your entrance college essay and extracurricular activities.

Step 3

Try to apply for some financial aid because the yearly tuition for UCLA students is over $30,000 dollars a year. Be sure to submit your FAFSA before the appropriate deadlines to be considered for UCLA financial aid.

Step 4

UCLA requires that applicants submit letters of recommendation with certain graduate school applications such as in the engineering department. However they do not accept letters of recommendation for undergraduate admissions. It has been said that those high school students who include letters of recommendation with their applications will waste their time as the letters will just be ignored.

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