Get into University of Colorado Boulder How to Get into the University of Colorado Boulder How to Get into the University of Colorado Boulder

How to Get into the University of Colorado Boulder UC Boulder

          The University of Colorado Boulder is a public ivy university located in Boulder, Colorado. It was founded in 1876 and has approximately 30,000 students. Its sports teams are known as the Buffaloes. The University has a fairly high acceptance rate of about 84%. UC Boulder is famous for its strong engineering program and in fact has graduated many US NASA astronauts including Jack Swigert, Stuart Roosa, Scott Carpenter, and Patrick Baudry. The University of Colorado at Boulder is also famous for many discoveries such as creating the new matter, Bose-Einstein condensate, and developing the Flu Chip. UC Boulder also has many notable museums and galleries on campus including the CU Art Museum, the UMC Art Gallery, the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, and the Fiske Planetarium and Science Center. If you are looking to enter the University of Colorado Boulder then follow the advice below to help you get accepted into UC Boulder.

Step 1

Learn the average GPA for incoming freshmen to the university and model your grades so that they exceed this average. Having a high gpa will help you get accepted as well as get scholarship money at the university. The average GPA for incoming UC Boulder freshmen is 3.55. While this isn’t as high as some extremely selective schools it is nonetheless a tough grade point average to achieve. You will want to strive for A’s in all your classes to help you reach this goal.

Step 2

Practice your SAT’s before you take the SAT test to raise your scores. Keep your standardized test scores high so you can beat the SAT average. The middle 50% of UC Boulder SAT Math test scores for incoming freshmen are between 550 and 650 points. The middle scores for SAT Critical Reading are between 530 and 630 points. If you are planning take the ACT test the average ACT score range is between 24 and 29.

Step 3

Learn the deadline requirements for the university. The regular application deadline for fall admission to UC Boulder is January 15th. The early action I deadline for freshmen is Dec. 1st. Don’t lose sight of these application deadlines as time draws near.

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