How to Get into the University of Delaware


          The University of Delaware also called UD is a university located in Newark, Delaware with campuses in other cities including Georgetown, Lews, Wilmington, and Dover. The University was founded in 1743 and has approximately 20,000 students. The University has a 57% admissions rate. UDel has over a $1 billion dollar endowment and has been ranked within the top 100 best national universities. UDel also houses the Disaster Research Center a center specifically devoted to the study of disasters including technological and natural disasters. Delaware University’s sports teams are called the Fighting Blue Hens. If you are looking to get into the University of Delaware then follow the advice below to help you get accepted into the university.

Step 1

First you should look at the profile of incoming students into the university. This will give you an idea of where your academic scores need to be in order to help get accepted into the university. If you make your GPA score beat or exceed the average for incoming students then you have a better chance of getting into the university and of maybe getting scholarship money as well. The average GPA for UDel freshmen is around 3.5. This is a high score so you will have to do very well in high school.

Step 2

Also learn the average SAT scores of those accepted into UDel. Take practice tests and raise your SAT scores into this range or above preferably. If you have high academic scores and high standardized test scores this will provide a solid foundation for getting into the university. The middle 50% range of SAT Math scores for incoming University of Delaware freshmen is between 540 to 650. The average scores for SAT critical reading are between 520 and 630.

Step 3

Don’t forget to learn the admissions deadlines for applying to UDel. The regular application admission deadline for Fall semester is January 15th for both domestic students and international students. The priority admission deadline is December 1st.

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