How to Get into the University of Florida UF


          The University of Florida or UF as it is called is one of the most popular colleges in Florida to attend in Gainesville, Florida. University of Florida is one of the top universities in the United States and also within the top 10 largest universities in the United States with close to 50,000 students enrolled. UF is popularly known by its sports teams called the Florida Gators. Their football Gator team was actually the home for the invention of the popular sports drink Gatorade in the 1960’s. Gatorade has been around in popular culture for over 4 decades so there is a rich history attached to this university. UF’s football stadium is unparalleled for its size and game attendance. UF football is one of the most popular pastimes in the area as many people attend games and root for the UF Gators. If you are looking to get into UF Gainesville then follow the tips below to help prepare you to get accepted into UF.

Step 1

Keep high grades in high school. Average entrance high school GPA’s for University of Florida entering Freshmen are between 3.75 to 4.00. In fact close to 90% of all incoming freshmen into the college have a GPA this high. This means you need to get fantastic grades to get into UF Gainesville. Unless you can enter on a football or other type of scholarship you need to have very good grades to get into the University of Florida.

Step 2

Do well on your SAT’s. UF’s average SAT scores for entering freshmen are in the 600’s for each subject matter. These are high scores to achieve and you will probably want to try some SAT prep books to practice on and get your scores up so you have a better chance of getting your scores into their admissions entrance range.

Step 3

Consider excelling in some type of sport during your high school career. Since UF is a very athletic oriented University there are many opportunities to get college scholarships for various sports. Check out the Gatorzone website for examples of what is popular at UF. Football and basketball are quite popular at the college and you will look very well rounded to the admissions board if you have both good grades and excel at one or two sports.

Step 4

Write a powerful entrance essays for UF admissions. The University of Florida requires that you write a maximum 500 word essay about a meaningful event or experience in your life. This event needs to be related to how it will affect your college experience and your contribution to the school community at University of Florida.

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