How to Get into Missouri University


          The University of Missouri also goes by Mizzou and MU. It is a public university located in Columbia, Missouri. MU has approximately 32,000 students and 27 square miles of campus. Its sports teams are called the Missouri Tigers. Missouri University is generally separated into two campuses called Red Campus and White Campus. Red Campus is made up of the historical academic buildings such as Jesse Hall, the Columns, and Switzler Hall the oldest classroom building on campus. Other notable Mizzou buildings or landmarks include Memorial Gateway which marks the north entrance of Francis Quadrangle, the Stone Lions between Neff and Walter Williams halls, Lowry Mall the bridge between Red and White Campus, Memorial Union, MU Student Center, and Tiger Plaza. If you would like to get accepts to University of Missouri then follow these tips to get into MU.

Step 1

Understand how difficult it is to get into UM by judging the entering GPA’s as well as the acceptance rate to the college. If you can beat the average score then you stand a good chance of getting accepted. The average GPA for Mizzou is 3.28 and the college has an 83% acceptance rate. This means you have a 4/5ths chance of getting into the university. This is very good for you because the higher your grades the better chances you have of getting a scholarship at Missouri University. MU also does a rolling admissions.

Step 2

Learn the average entrance SAT scores for Missouri University to better prepare yourself for the SAT’s. The average MU SAT scores for Math are between 540 and 650. The average Mizzou scores for Critical Reading are between 530 and 650 and the ACT composite scores are between 23 and 28. Try some SAT prep books if you are in need of raising your scores into a higher bracket.

Step 3

You should schedule a visit with Missouri University so that you can see the campus and learn more about different things available to you such as scholarships, costs, and dorm options. You can schedule a student family visit which consists of close to two hours worth campus touring and presentations.

Step 4

Learn the application deadlines for Missouri University so you do not miss any of the critical ones. The MU deadline for fall freshman admission application with respect to scholarships is December 1st. Transfer applications are due by February 1st and the FAFSA for Mizzou is due March 1st. Honors College applications are due by May 20th. The Honors college gets special privileges such as special seminar type classes taught by MU’s top professors as well as special honors housing on campus.

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