How to Get into University of New Hampshire UNH


          The University of New Hampshire or UNH as it is called is a public university in Durham, New Hampshire. It was founded in 1866 and has approximately 14,000 students that attend, both graduate and undergraduate students. UNH has sports teams called the Wildcats. The university has a fairly high admissions rate of about 72% so close to three quarters of applicants will get into the university. Your acceptance is not guaranteed however but there are ways to help your chances of getting into the university.

Step 1

Learn the average GPA scores for freshmen getting accepted into UNH. This will give you an idea of what it takes to get into the University. Try to raise your grades in high school so that you can be above the average to help you get into the university. You can review the average UNH freshman GPA by searching online for it.

Step 2

Also look at the average SAT scores of freshmen getting into the university. Try to raise your scores so that you are above this range. This will help you be more competitive with other students applying to the university. The middle 50% SAT scores in math for UNH freshmen are between 520 to 630. The range for SAT critical reading is between 510 to 610. The ACT composite average score is 24 also if you are taking that specific test.

Step 3

Increase your extracurricular high school and after school activities to be more competitive against other students applying for admission to UNH. You can do many things that look good to college admissions boards. Some popular items include playing a musical instrument and playing varsity sports. In addition doing some activity that shows leadership such as a team captain, student government position like class president, or creating your own high school club or group can go a long way to showing the UNH admissions board that you are a multi talented student with more to offer than just strong grades.

Step 4

Make sure you do not miss any admissions deadlines. The early action admission deadline for UNH fall semester is November 15th. The regular admissions deadline is February 1st. Also the international student application deadline for fall semester is also February 1st.

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