How to Get into the University of North Carolina UNC


          The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill is a public university in North Carolina founded in the late 1700’s. It is one of the oldest public universities in the United States. There are close to 30,000 students that attend UNC Chapel Hill. The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill is consistently ranked in the top 30 national universities. UNC’s sports teams are called the Tar Heels and compete against North Carolina State and Duke University. UNC Chapel Hill has a somewhat different college curriculum than most colleges in that all students take general liberal arts classes during their first two years of college, freshman and sophomore. After that their classes differentiate into their respective majors. UNC wants each of their students to gain a Liberal Arts degree before taking another major. There are many dorms on campus such as Olde Campus Upper Quad, Manning West, Old East, Mason Farm Road, Alderman, Avery, Cobb, Conner, Craig, Everett, Graham, Hardin, Hinton James, Hornton, Kenan, Koury, Morrison, and Parker to name a few. If you are looking to get accepted into University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, then read the tips below.

Step 1

Check out the entrance GPA scores for freshmen entering UNC and try to beat that average. The average GPA is 3.5 for incoming UNC freshmen. The university has about a 55% admissions enrollment rate. So there is a better than average chance of getting accepted into the University.

Step 2

Strive to surpass the average SAT scores for UNC Chapel Hill so you can have a higher chance of getting admitted and get a good scholarship. The SAT range for the middle 50% of UNC students is between 560 to 660 points for Math, 520 to 620 points for Critical Reading, and 510 to 610 for SAT Writing. Every SAT prep book you work through will help you reach your goal of getting accepted to UNC Chapel Hill.

Step 3

Learn the requirements and deadlines for Undergraduate and Graduate school admission. Freshmen students need a Counselor Statement and Teacher recommendations. For UNC graduate school you will need an application fee of $77 dollars. A transcript, 3 letters of recommendation, and GRE scores will be furnished with your application for graduate school. Graduate school applicants should submit their applications no later than December 1st. International students must submit their TOEFL scores, a financial certificate, and the same other requirements for first year students.

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