How to Get into Notre Dame


          University of Notre Dame is one of the most famous colleges in the United States. Notre Dame is a private Catholic University located in Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana. Notre Dame is in the top 20 colleges in the US for undergraduate programs. Notre Dame is famous for its football team, the Fighting Irish. Notre Dame has several different colleges such as the College of Arts and Letters, the College of Science, the School of Architecture, and the Mendoza College of Business. There are close to 12,000 students that attend Notre Dame. Notre Dame has separate residence halls for both men and women. Some of the men’s halls include Alumni hall, Carroll hall, Dillon hall, Duncan hall, Fisher hall, Keenan hall, Knott hall, and Zahm Hall. Some of the female dorms include Badin Hall, Cavanaugh hall, Farley Hall, Howard Hall, Lewis Hall, McGlinn Hall, Pangborn Hall, Ryan Hall, Walsh Hall, and Welsh Family Hall. If you are looking to get accepted into Notre Dame then follow the tips below to help you get into the university.

Step 1

Study the entrance scores for freshmen entering Notre Dame. The average GPA for incoming freshmen is 3.7. Notre Dame is highly competitive academically and you must excel in order to be considered. You will be competing against many high level students for admission so you should strive to be better than the average if possible.

Step 2

Notre Dame has said that they do not pay as much attention to the SAT Writing score as they do the Math and Critical Reading sections. So make sure you focus extra attention on the math and critical reading portions of the SAT’s. The average entrance SAT score for Math for entering Notre Dame students is between 680 and 760 points. The SAT score for Critical Reading is between 650 and 750. The average SAT writing score is between 640 and 730. Focus on trying to excel in your SAT’s to increase your chances of admission and of getting scholarships as well. Perhaps purchase some SAT prep books specifically on math and reading to help you in your quest.

Step 3

Because Notre Dame University is such a competitive school to get into you will have to compete at more than just academics. Notre Dame focuses on community service, leadership, and extra-curricular activities including any religious or community based work. Notre Dame is one of the most religious Catholic universities in the country and they pay great focus on how you will contribute as a student to the community as a whole and not just as an individual. Perhaps you have volunteered for your church organization that you can add to your resume.

Step 4

Learn all the deadlines for admission to Notre Dame. Missing them may ruin your chances of getting accepted to this University. The deadline for the incoming freshman application is December 31st for regular decision and November 1st for early action. The deadline if you are an international student to Notre Dame is the same as a regular student. As an international student to Notre Dame you must also submit an international student certification of finances along with your application along with your TOEFL results.

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